Jay James - R&B Tracks On MP3

Malissa Fharron

Jay is the type of guy who's into all things R&B, the music, the style, the bootylicious gals and the "humpin rhythms". Get yourself a free MP3 download of "U Got It", the futuristic, voyeuristic new R&B track.

"Give me a bottle of Brandy, some pumpin bass, turn the lights down low and let me see you work that ass" being his signature call. It's no wonder he is producing some of the finest R&B ever to emerge from the UK.

Being of Danish, and British extraction, he is one of those rare people who can truly be termed unique. His music zeroes in on the future of urban R&B without trying too hard to crossover into main stream pop.

Download this free MP3 of "One Nite Stand", the slick, soulful new R&B track by Jay James.

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